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About Biodynamics of Osteopathy

The following are excerpts from "Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phase One"

by James Jealous D.O.


In Biodynamics we sense Wholeness as a Reality, hoping it will emerge in ourselves.  The Service of Osteopathy creates fertile soil for self-discovery, and real education about healing and truth as it applies to the human condition.


The word "Biodynamic" was chosen because of parallel discoveries by W. G. Sutherland, D.O. and Erich Blechschmidt, M.D.  The word was positioned in medicine by Dr. Belchschmidt.  We have extended it to envelop the Dynamics of Primary Respiration as expressed by William Sutherland, D.O.  The reason for this inclusion into the science of Osteopathy is that Blechschmidt and Sutherland both describe the same principles innate to our creation, growth, and healing.  Even though Embryology is at the very roots of Osteopathy, no one to my knowledge had seen the similarities between the observations of Dr. Blechschmidt and Dr. Sutherland and applied them in practice.

The word "Biodynamic" has a special meaning when seen from the summation of both men’s efforts to unveil the movements of Life.  Both men, one working with growth and development and the other working with healing through transmutation, described similar processes in the internal activity of Protoplasmic Fields.  When I saw the similarities, I was elated and doubtful, as it seemed almost unimaginable.  As I studied further, the parallels were everywhere, unavoidable and precise.  The clinical application of these principles in a General Practice setting revealed an even greater than imagined improvement in clinical outcomes.  Today, these principles are widely used in Osteopathic practice worldwide, because they work!

My first exposure to Embryology was in Kirksville (1965)....I was spiritually awed by the unfolding process and the Mind behind the Beauty of growth and development.  One important point about Osteopathy and Embryology: it is what causes Embryology that interests us as much as the patterns of individual parts and their natural history.  Why?  Because wholeness is one of the First Principles.  We study the capacity of the Whole and the cause of Wholeness as well as the inverse; the loss of wholeness and cause of its breakdown.

I was seeing the deep connection between the Health as Still taught, Primary Respiration as Sutherland described it in the Fluids, and the forces of Creation that unfold our inner embryonic world as Blechshmidt described them.

I discovered descriptions in Embryology that paralleled Sutherland’s comments about his observations, gleaned from listening to the Fluids as they responded to Primary Respiration.  These parallels narrowed and met.

There are pictures of the Metabolic Fields in Blechschmidt’s writings.......these pictures describe forces at work in the Metabolic Fields..........they are the same as what Sutherland described.


As I saw all this, the light came on.....both of these men, one with a microscope and one with his hands, were watching the same process.  It seemed too simple to be true, but there it was.  I was a little overwhelmed.....everything stopped.....the partitions came down.  The oneness was incomprehensible.....the models of Primary Respiration I had been taught and used for years shattered, and a Breath of Something Other entered the shoreline of my little mind.

Intuitively I felt a warmth and admiration for Still and Sutherland.....also, I saw again how long it takes to be aware of Nature’s Laws at work in patients, rather than adding laws “framed by human hands.”  I grew up in that more compromise.


Sutherland’s model of Primary Respiration was “A House Under the Sea” with all the doors and windows open and the Tide moving through with ease, bringing form, function, and healing.  Blechshmidt’s sense of The Metabolic Fields in Embryos was that they were Biodynamic, that is, they were an expression of an outside extra-genetic force of creation, known only to the Embryo...... not Scientists, but the Embryo........ an Ocean that is through us, creating involuntary motions (Biokinetics) and self-correcting activities (Automatic Shifting).

An Ocean....A House....Transparency Of The Whole To The Creative Forces.

As I assimilated these little pieces, years passed into the early nineties.......As the Biodynamic model and methodology grew from 1978 to the mid 1990’s many people became interested again in Embryology, and began to study the unfoldment of Life.

Biodynamics is not about forms or is about the intimate manifestations of Primary Respiration as a creative and therapeutic force that transmutates the old and carries the image of the new into place.  This ability to transmutate lies behind all success in treatment; behind all spatial and temporal interfaces that unfold as development and growth occur........through neutral homeostasis.

The Test of these truths is not in logic but in the clinical advantage they bring to the varieties of suffering a Country Doctor witnesses..........all patients benefit in many ways from hands that diagnose and treat from these foundations......

Still called it Life, “that slow vivifying force coming forth from God,” Sutherland called it Primary Respiration........ it is One.........

Biodynamics Means All of This and More..........

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