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Blue Skies

Dr. Jealous' Publications

"An Osteopathic Odyssey"

An image of the front cover of "An Osteopathic Odyssey" by James Jealous D.O.

From the preface written by Dr. Jealous:

"This book is not a textbook. It is the travelogue of one man who has tried to become an Osteopath." 

"This book is designed by the Tide. The divisions and order may seem irrational. I hope it is an enjoyable task to use this book as a 'friend' to be with you."

An image of the front cover of "Wooliebunger and the Adventures of Moofi" by James Jealous D.O.

"Wooliebunger and the Adventures of Moofi"

Created as an inspirational story for children, this book is equally enriching for all.


As we journey with Wooliebunger, the timeless freshness and loving nature of our own inner child is revealed to us.


Beautifully and gracefully written and illustrated, it transports readers to the awareness and healing of the natural world, which is open to us all as our senses are awakened to its truths.

To inquire about purchasing these books, please contact

Anna-Maria Jealous at:

Please note:

As well as these books, Dr. Jealous created other works, some not yet even published.


We hope that we will be able to add details about these other works to this page. 

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