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About Dr. Jealous

 The following are excerpts from "An Osteopathic Odyssey" and  "Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phase One"  by James Jealous D.O.


Osteopathy has been a part of my life since my birth in 1943 at the Osteopathic Hospital in Saco, Maine.  My dad was a D.O. as was my godfather.  Through them, while still a young man, I met many well known Osteopaths.

When my father died in 1957, I was 14.  I began working as an x-ray technician in the local Osteopathic hospital.  I enjoyed the cohesiveness of a profession trying to survive its growth; I lived for many years inside a flourishing profession.

My whole entry into Osteopathy was because I trusted Nature more than politicians or businessmen.....when I read  Dr. Still's work, I was sold.......then I applied to Kirksville, announcing to them in my application that I was only applying to one school, and if rejected I would stay in graduate school until they accepted me......

I entered Kirksville in 1965.  The class was riddled with students who just wanted to be doctors and had little respect for Osteopathic principles, but the faculty and hospital staff were absolutely alive with skilled hands and listening hearts.  Traditional Osteopathy was practiced.  Any interested student could easily find many mentors who were exceptional.

Osteopathy is kept intact by artistry, scientific thinking, and a loving legacy.  This legacy has been passed, uninterrupted from Dr. Still to my teachers.  For myself, this treasure was given to me by George Laughlin, Ruby Day, Rollin Becker, Alan Becker, Anne Wales, and many unnoted people.

I have learned from them.  I have also spent a lifetime in the wilderness learning how to heal myself and help others through observation of natural laws.

This is the authority under which I write and speak.  It is not mine, but an extension of the lifetime of many doctors who have taken up the general practice of Osteopathy as prescribed by our oral tradition.  It is a deep moving love that builds daily and proves that the magnitude of Osteopathy will live on.

As a Country Doctor in rural Maine, I had the privilege of meeting many self-made individuals who did not worship ‘doctors’ but gave their respect once an individual earned it.  Bringing Osteopathy into an environment that was considered an Allopathic domain for generations was a challenge.  But, Osteopathy proved itself to both myself and the patients.  In six months’ time, my practice was at capacity, even with 5 other doctors within 25 miles of where I practiced.

Most days began with a 25 mile drive to the hospital to make rounds on inpatients.  Hospital care, approached by Osteopathy, soon turned many nurses into believers as they witnessed the thinking and management of a traditional Osteopath........from conservative use of medications, to the time spent sitting with patients and families, to the hands-on treatment.  People saw a difference when compared to the Allopathic approach practiced by the MDs or the hospital staff .

Over many years as a primary care physician, I saw remarkable changes in patients as their Original Self (Health) emerged, and their sense of well-being flourished.  Osteopathic treatment endeavors to bring the patient to the discovery of their own Health.  It demands skill, proper thinking, mental discipline and patience.

One of the goals of Biodynamics is to teach Osteopathic thinking in the lineage of Still, Sutherland and many unheralded DOs who did not compromise the deeply unique and effective methodology of Osteopathy.

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